New Location: Spanish Partner School Pichilemu, Chile!

Pichilemu_pichibikecartWe are always working hard to ensure that we are only partnering with the best language schools around the world, and to always be expanding your options of where to study.  Today, we are excited to announce the newest addition to AmeriSpan’s locations, Pichilemu, Chile!


Our partner Spanish school in Pichelemu is run by American ex-pats Valerie Gaino Wilcox and Chris   Wilcox, who opened the school five years ago after an inspirational surfing trip in Mexico.  The couple have succeeded in accomplishing their three-point mission of becoming fluent in Spanish, opening a business, and surfing as much as possible.  They rave about the small fishing town of Pichilemu and its relaxed atmosphere – a perfect setting for the “surfer vibe” they have achieved within their school.  Now with years of success and a new facility, it is a perfect time to visit Pichilemu and AmeriSpan is so glad to have found them when we did.  In addition to surfing and Spanish classes, students can arrange to receive college credit and even find additional activities on-site, like Vinyasa yoga!

Pichilemu_surfers We recommend Spanish study in Pichilemu for adventure seekers and lovers of tranquility alike, as this location on the central coast of Chile is a small-town gem without the headache of major metropolises but with plenty to do!

See Spanish Study Abroad in Pichilemu, Chile

See Spanish and Surfing in Pichilemu, Chile

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