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Chile Study Abroad: Feeling Comfortable Speaking Spanish

By William P., Chile study abroad participant studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago Today was my second day and I was still very frustrated that I was having trouble understanding even the basic words that I know I should remember from high school or that I know on paper.  However, at least I was starting… Read more »

Santiago Spanish School: Discovering Santiago

“This is the best advice I can give to those considering a program: Do your best not to fall back into speaking English even if you don’t know a lot of Spanish. The mother in the family I am staying with at the homestay does not know English and I am learning the most from this experience.”

Spanish and Skiing: Preparing for Santiago

“Living in Southern California, I know that learning Spanish will be a tremendous benefit to me as I enter the job market soon and therefore I thought going to Santiago, Chile would be the perfect learning/vacation opportunity to reward myself for all the hard work in law school and studying for the Bar.”

Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile – Video

Santiago is modern, incredible city with unparalleled mountain views, a bustling metropolitan area, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature, beach excursions and the arts.

Spanish and Skiing: The Great People I’ve Met

“There are so many amazing people that I have come to know through the school. I have learned with, taught with, traveled with, ate with, danced with, drank with, skiied/snowboarded with and GROWN with throughout my four weeks as I made my school my home away from home.”

A Costa Rica Birthday

I want to take a moment to think about the significance of tomorrow. Not only will I be departing a home that I have learned to love dearly over the past few weeks, but I will also be celebrating my birthday with them.

The Final Week, Part 2

“The staff, fellow students and I had all grown fond of each other and they became like a second family to me.”

The Final Week Part 1 – Morgan’s Farewell

We summited the top of Cerro San Santiago Cristobal, which is only about a 30 minute walk (on the way down) but took us about 2-3 hours on the way up…because we stopped for a picnic lunch..

Miercoles Po!

“We hopped in a cab to meet up with the rest of the language school peeps to dance the night away in Mita Urbano, a clublike bar that had expensive drinks, crowded dance floors, and high energy music (Regatone/Chilean Top 40); basically, I was in heaven.”

My Extended Chilean Family

This, plus the company, plus the red wine, white wine, and pisco after a full day of snowboarding ‘powpow’ (powdery snow) with gringos was just what the doctor ordered!