Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is one of the most popular program options offered by AmeriSpan.  Spanish immersion is the most effective way to learn Spanish, especially when you're relaxed and comfortable.  We offer programs all over the country.


This video gives a close up view of our Spanish School in Monteverde, Costa Rica in the words of past participants.  The Monteverde cloud forest makes for a perfect backdrop for this incredibly enjoyable kind of learning!  If you're not interested in zip-lining through the canopy …

1256715207_dc7311735d[1]… then you can take a "sky walk" along a hanging bridge 100 ft high!  Haha!

Seriously, AmeriSpan offers a program for everyone including Spanish for all ages, volunteer/internship placements, College Study Abroad and summer abroad teenager programs programs throughout the country. 

  Want something specialized?  Try our Spanish and International Business program.  Or how about the Maestro program for educators who come in contact with the growing community of native Spanish-speaking students and their parents? And of course, our SALUD Medical Spanish programs are perfect for doctors and nurses, as well as those studying within those fields.

No matter what the case and where you choose to study in Costa Rica, you'll be able to explore many parts of the country.  Remember, Costa Rica is a small country, and so most of the country is an easy weekend trip: the white sand beaches of the Pacific, the Caribbean coastline, volcanoes, ranforests, and so much more!

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Monteverde Spanish School


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