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HuffPo’s ‘Costa Rica and the Quest for Pura Vida’

“How did Costa Ricans fend off the miners, loggers, farmers, burners, developers and others who have felled and flattened rainforests around the world? How did they trick time?”

Tips for Going into the Rainforest

Be open to adventure. Your guide might suggest that you try eating lemon ants, swinging from a vine, or fishing for piranha. Trust in them and experience something you can’t anywhere else in the world.

Weekend Excursion: Monteverde Cloud Forest

I observed the very green countryside, full of trees, bushes and ferns. In this part of Costa Rica, it’s still the rainy – green – season. The dry – high – season begins around December.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Monteverde, Costa Rica (video). Spanish immersion is most effective when you are relaxed and comfortable making Costa Rica one of AmeriSpan’s most popular destinations.