Why Spanish Immersion?

Spanish immersion programs, are they worth it?  You've taken Spanish in school, you've met Spanish speakers from different parts of the world, and you've finally decided to continue to round off your knowledge of Spanish. What next? Should you invest in going abroad or is better to stay home?

Video: Learning Spanish in Spain

So what is the answer?

Yes, it is worth it for many reasons including:

  1. It forces you to speak and hear the language 24/7
  2. Learning the grammar and vocabulary is only a small part of learning to communicate in another language.  You want to understand the culture, hear the pronunciation and see how it is used in daily life.
  3. Often, removing yourself from the day-to-day grind of a typical day relaxes you and your brain is better able to soak in the aspects of a new language.
  4. You might be surprised to learn just how inexpensive language immersion programs are compared to classes at home.  And if you are looking to get academic credit, then you really save.  Your college doesn't want to give you credit for your studies? Then spend an extra $100 and take a CLEP exam.

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