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Why Spanish Immersion?

There are lots of ways to learn new languages. Is Spanish immersion a good option?

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica in Jaco Beach

If your interested in learning Spanish in Costa Rica, we suggest that you consider one of our programs in Jaco Beach. How about Spanish & Surfing or Digital Photography. Here is a video about the Jaco Beach programs. To see all, go here: Jaco Beach Spanish courses.

Incredible Offer to Learn Spanish or French at Home

Just in time for the holidays, AmeriSpan and Think Language have teamed up for a very special offer: Save $80 off one year of Think Spanish or save $70 off one year of Think French. As an extra bonus, each subscription includes access to a full year of back issues.

Holiday Gifts to Learn Spanish: Bilingual America

With the holiday season upon us, we would like to highlight some wonderful gifts for you friends and loved ones (or even yourself!) who want to learn a new language, or are planning on or currently enrolled in a study abroad program.

MSNBC Highlights AmeriSpan & Others

For the 2nd time in 60 days, MSNBC came to AmeriSpan Study Abroad as key source for a featured article in their travel section. This feature article on highlights learning languages abroad and educational vacations for travelers of all ages.

Spain Fever, Save $59/week

Move over Spring fever, AmeriSpan is experiencing Spain Fever! That's right, as the temperatures rise and summer inches closer, Spain is on our mind. Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience studying abroad in Spain.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so take advantage of our Spain Fever special and… Read more »

Learn Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish on the go!

Since we are constantly searching for new ways to help study abroad students learn languages before, during, and after their trips, we were delighted to find a new, extremely portable way to do so. Not only is PlaySay handy and portable, it is available in Japanese and Chinese as well as Spanish! The system consists of… Read more »

Study Abroad Costa Rica: Tranquilo

By Katie P., Guestblogger from Coronado, Costa Rica Independent Teen program Some travel to Costa Rica with intention, with plans and reservations and a return flight already booked. Unfortunately my age, and obligation to high school does not allow for infinite vacation and so I am one of those people who came and fulfilled my… Read more »

Study Abroad Peru: Rainforest Excursion

By Jamie F., Guestblogger from Cusco, Peru SALUD program Sadly this is my last blog about Peru… So we left the somewhat modern civilization that I had come to know for the past 5 weeks and ventured into the rainforest/jungle/selva/amazon (whatever you want to call it) there were all sorts of animals. We took a 30 min… Read more »