Early Prize Drawing Winners

Argentina_Buenos_Aires_Spanish_School_Activities_008 Congrats to Caitlin Beal and all of the other winners of the Early Prize Drawing in our Great Study Abroad Contest!

Caitlin Beal – Kindle
prem – Travel Gear ($25 amazon gift card )
kateska22 – $100 Airfare discount
alocke117 – Think Spanish (1 year subscription)
rachelne – Think Spanish (1 year subscription)
grnhcat – Think French (1 year subscription)
sashayn – Think French (1 year subscription)
jwing105 – Think Italian (1 year subscription)
emerritt – Think Italian (1 year subscription)


Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Great Study Abroad Contest. Our next prize drawing will be on May 25th. For more information about this contest, check out the Contest Overview.


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