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New Contest: Win a Free Week in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a high-ranking destination for many travelers, regardless of whether or not they want to study Spanish, so AmeriSpan is excited to announce its newest contest: Why Barcelona?

Great Travel Abroad Contest Winners Announced

AmeriSpan would like to thank all of our Great Travel Abroad contest participants for their hard work and great contributions!

More Than Language Lessons

This is a great example of the many cultural lessons I’ve received in the study abroad programs that I have participated in through Amerispan. What I love most about these programs is their unique approach; you can live with locals, cook regional cuisines, and learn fantastic new dance moves.

A Scavenger Hunt in Ireland

He asked us, What instruments do you play?? I told him I play piano, and sometimes I can sing so high it sounds like I’m screaming.

Contest Update: Two More Kindles Awarded!

Great Travel Abroad contest Update: Too close to call… Two Kindles awarded to the first 2 contestants who reached the 500 point total.

South African Adventure

We met some of the tiny babies and then the older children when they got back from school. All the babies and children were so happy to meet us and were reaching towards us.

Early Prize Drawing Winners

Congrats to all Caitlin Beal and all of the other winners of the Early Prize Drawing in our Great Study Abroad Contest!