Cultural Events at our Taormina-Sicily Italian School

TaorminaAmeriSpan's Taormina-Sicily Italian school is incredibly well-received by all students, and internationally recognized (It's is a fellow LTM Star winner!). We attribute this to the school's dual identity: it serves as both an Italian language school for foreigners and a "Cultural Workshop" for locals. They do an excellent job putting their school on the map, whether they're hosting book readings, art openings, wine tastings, or a slew of other cultural events.



Just this year, the Taormina-Sicily school is planning some of the following events and activities:

  • Book Presentation "Dalla Atlante agli Appeninia" & "œIl Falsario di Caltagirone", meeting with the writer MARIA ATTANASIO
  • Book Presentation "Racconti del Parrucchierea" & "El Indecenza", meeting with the writer ELVIRA SEMINARA
  • Book Presentation with Claudio Fava for the presentation of his latest book (in the garden).
  • Organized trips to classical music performances, art museums, and more!

 Find out a little more about this school in the following video:


Learn more about our Taormina-Sicily Italian school

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