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CNN Names 10 Best Cities in Europe; AmeriSpan Schools in 6

CNN made a another list. and this time it’s a list of the top ten cities in Europe. Sure enough, several AmeriSpan locations have again made the list!

Cultural Events at our Taormina-Sicily Italian School

AmeriSpan’s Taormina-Sicily Italian school is incredibly well-received by all students, and internationally recognized (It’s is a fellow LTM Star winner!).

AmeriSpan’s Taormina School Receives Award

Recently, this school was honored by the city of Taormina with the prestigious “Premio Alla Cultura Citta di Taormina” award, in recognition of its vast achievements working as a cultural center within the community.

Meet the School – Taormina, Sicily’s Founder & Director

 Alessandro Adorno is the founder and director of the Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily in the south of Italy. In our opinion, Alessandro is one of the hardest working and most enthusiastic school directors we have ever worked with. His school was awarded the LTM Star award for best Italian school in 2008 and… Read more »

3 Reasons to Study Italian in Venice

1. It FLOATS!You probably know that the watery streets of Venezia are gondola-accessible, but did you know that it is built on 117 small islands?  While visiting the city, you will have plenty of opportunities to take gondola rides and tours.  But be careful!  Venice's many twists and turns can result in getting lost fairly… Read more »

Access to Taormina Film Festival for our “Italian in Taormina” Students!

Breaking news for our students planning on studying Italian in Taormina/Sicily through this Friday! Our partner school in Taormina has just excitedly announced that all students enrolled in Italian language courses throughout the duration of the 56th Annual Taormina Film Fest will receive free admission! This year, Robert DeNiro is in attendance and receiving honors… Read more »

BRB: Going to Europe

Our Biggest Promotion … ever Why Go to Europe Now? • Save 12.5% on programs in Europe • US Dollar is strong versus the Euro • Airfare is still reasonably priced Where Are the Promotions? • Spain Spanish schools • Germany German Schools • Austria German schools  • France French schools • Switzerland French courses… Read more »

Learn Italian and the Tastes of Sicily

Italy, as you already know, is renowned for its unique traditional cooking methods and flavors that tie together the bounties of the Mediterranean and the fresh vegetables and spices of the countryside.  We regularly see commercials zooming in on red and white sauces, meats, and pastas being tossed onto a plate from an overflowing pot… Read more »