Study Abroad Grants: $500-$2,000

Push-it-forward-arrow As part of our "Study Abroad: Push It Forward" initiative, we have created $75,000 in study abroad grants for college students looking to spend a semester overseas. These study abroad scholarships range from $500-$2,000. The grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis and there are no eligibility restrictions such as family income, race or university eligibility.

These study abroad grants are part of AmeriSpan's "Study Abroad: Push it Forward" initiative which includes a unique study abroad fundraising program, "student-friendly" tuition rates, the Great Travel Abroad contest and other actions such as adding more Budget-friendly schools.  The fundraising program is designed to turbocharge a participant’s own efforts by promoting their story to more than 30,000 past AmeriSpan participants and study abroad enthusiasts.

AmeriSpan's Vice President, Beth Lieberman adds, "Although many of our participants utilize financial aid, student loans, fundraising and scholarships, it sometimes just isn't enough. These grants coupled with our tuition rates which are significantly cheaper than other organizations will allow more to experience programs such as our popular semester in Barcelona, Spain."

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