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Study Abroad Special Offer: Black Friday Weekend

Save $150 on any AmeriSpan study abroad program when you register during Black Friday weekend.

Oct 2011 Newsletter

Latest AmeriSpan Study Abroad newsletter:

Study Abroad Grants: $500-$2,000

As part of our “Study Abroad: Push It Forward” initiative, we have created $75,000 in study abroad grants for college students looking to spend a semester overseas. These study abroad scholarships range from $500-$2,000. The grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis and there are no eligibility restrictions such as family income, race or university eligibility.

Study Abroad Fundraising Program

Are you fundraising to pay for your Study Abroad program? AmeriSpan’s Study Abroad Fundraising program will make it easier. We will even donate $50 to your campaign when you join the FREE program by March 31, 2011.