Argentina Spanish Schools

Argentina_Cordoba_Highlights_Carlos_Paz_lake_001 From Buenos Aires to the mountains of Patagonia, AmeriSpan has a variety of Argentina Spanish schools to choose from, whether you're a beach bum or a ski bunny! This country offers so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to discover a truly unique place. While studying in Argentina, you can take excursions to attractions like the majestic Iguazu Falls, Andean national parks, the beaches of Montevideo, and more! Not that these locations don't have their own sights to see- there are unique things to learn and see in every city!

The diversity of Argentina doesn't stop with the geography – AmeriSpan also offers a variety of courses    throughout Argentina, and there's something for everyone! Spanish students of all ages and language levels will love the language schools. College students can rack up their creditos at our college study abroad program at our Buenos Aires University Choice location. Those with bigger hearts can volunteer with children at one of our volunteer placements. There are even summer programs for teenagers and skiing/dancing classes for athletic types!

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