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Volunteer Abroad: House of Angels

“I had been in Buenos Aires for over a month now, studied as much Spanish as I possibly could, and now I was able to carry a simple conversation. I was ready to begin!”

CNN’s “Top 5 Cities in Central & South America”

Argentina_Buenos_Aires_Highlights_000Last week, we reposted an article about CNN’s list of top European cities, and this week we’re focusing on a similar piece on the top five cities in Central and South America.

Salud Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires: First Week

“This is my first immersion experience, and I can honestly say that immersion is the ONLY WAY to get a language. I am forced to speak in Spanish all day, and it is pushing me to learn quickly.”

Starting SALUD in Buenos Aires

“The city of Buenos Aires is breathtaking. There is so much to see, do, and learn from the people living here. I am so blessed to have to opportunity to commit four months to a language and culture.”

Meet the School: Buenos Aires’ Head of Studies/Volunteer Coordinator

Let us never forget that communication is vital, learning languages ??opens us up to the future and that to come in contact with different cultures is enriching at any stage of life.

Argentina Spanish Schools

While studying in Argentina, you can take excursions to attractions like the majestic Iguazu Falls, Andean national parks, the beaches of Montevideo, and more!

AmeriSpan’s New Budget Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina

One student loved his experience here so much, he used his multimedia expertise to make a “mini-documentary” about this school for future students!