Meet the School: Alajuela School Staff

Sonia Meet Yamileth Sequeira and Rosy Garcia, staff members at AmeriSpan's Alajuela Spanish school in Costa Rica, as they provide short descriptions of their involvement at the school.

Yamileth Sequeira, Host Family Program Coordinator:

“I am 53 year old and I live in Alajuela, Costa Rica. I have worked at ICLC ecological campus – The Costa Rican Culture and Language Institute in the past 16 years and as a Host Family Program Coordinator I have enjoyed meeting lots of Costa Rican families that love to receive visitors from other countries. The biggest satisfaction of my work is to make sure that both, the host family and the foreign visitor, complete a successful cultural experience. It is gratifying to receive constant comments of participants that tell me that the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican family was unforgettable”


ICLC_Rosi Rosy Garcia, Registrar:

“I am the person in charge of receiving registration documents from ICLC participants, to submit all important details to the Host Family Program Coordinator and to the Academic Department. Students often ask questions that are very important and I feel glad to be able to help them before arrival, with pre-departure issues. One of my duties is also to help students on campus answering their daily questions to help them have a successful experience abroad.  I remember when Sonia and Ronny initiated the school project in a small rented house in Carrillos, 20 years ago, and now we work in a big beautiful ecological campus. I have worked with them in the past 18 years.”




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