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Alajuela Spanish School: A Teen’s Perspective

By Erin K., Teen Delegate Scholar and AmeriSpan Blogger studying at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school I don’t think I’ve ever seen a school as beautiful as this one. Nestled in a valley between coffee and sugarcane plantations, it’s not at all unusual to see a family of cows wander by the classroom window.  The classrooms… Read more »

La Comida

“No matter what I eat for lunch, I can always expect a great dinner when I get home. Mi madre, Cinthya, cooks the best food, no matter what it is. Everything comes with rice, of course, but the meals range from soups to quesadillas to pork chops.”

Meet the School: Alajuela School Staff

Meet Yamileth Sequeira and Rosy Garcia, staff members at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school in Costa Rica as they provide short descriptions of their involvement at the school.

Carrillos Alto

When you’re coming from northern Wisconsin where snow piles up nearly 6 feet high, it’s hard to prepare yourself for a country whose winter is about the same temperature as your summer.

Spotlight: Medical Spanish in Costa Rica

During all the hubbub about healthcare this week, we here at AmeriSpan thought we’d highlight one of our best SALUD Medical Spanish Programs in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a highly organized Social Security system known as the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS). CCSS is one of the most developed healthcare systems in… Read more »