A Costa Rica Birthday

Chile_Santiago_LatinImmersion_City5 By Jonathon L., guest blogger studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago, Chile

For those who await my return in the states, I cannot wait to see you and hear about your amazing summers.  For those who I am leaving or will be leaving after a wonderful time in Chile, I love you the most (but not necessarily more than others). I will miss you like woah…and I apologize that this is in English and many of you may not be able to comprehend the words I am typing.

And of course, on a final note I want to take a moment to think about the significance of tomorrow.  Not only will I be departing a home that I have learned to love dearly over the past few weeks, but I will also be celebrating my birthday with them.   And because it is pretty amazing I want to share a quick tidbit of the previous years that have come before…

• 18th Birthday – UCLA Summer Orientation

• 19th Birthday – I think i was at summer school, but I am not sure

• 20th Birthday – Getting belligerated in Australia, after a “throwing some shrimp on the barbie”

• 21st Birthday – Celebrating my Final Day off from an amazing summer at Camp Towanga

• 22nd Birthday – My first week in my house in Redondo Beach only a few days after finishing TFA Summer Institute.

• 23rd Birthday – Tomorrow I will be in Chile, and then in Florida, and then by the 10th I should be in California. 

So despite never trying to make a big deal out of my special day, they have always been memorable, they have always been with people I love, and they always manage to capture some of the most significant aspects of that year of my life…

With love, and with great anticipation of further reflection of my voyages and the people who accompanied me, I cannot wait to go an enjoy the final 30 some hours of this country with some of the most beautiful people I have ever had the opportunity to meet/miss/love/enjoy/combat/disagre/agree/cry/laugh/smile/dance/snowboard/travel/adventure/grow with!

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