Getting Started in Montevideo

Montevideo_schoolBy Renee S., Guest Blogger studying Spanish at AmeriSpan's Montevideo Spanish school

My host mom is really animated and considerate.  The food tastes good, but it is all variations of carbs and meat.  For example, the first night we ate noodles with potatoes covered in marinara sauce with bread on the side.  I have yet to see a vegetable.  The roommate, Debbie, asked for fruit or veggies before I came, but she only knew how to say orange.  So, we have a lot of oranges and nothing else.  My roommate is very nice.  She is from Boston and loves ice cream also.  She has a very low level of Spanish, which is bad for my Spanish because she can only really communicate in English.

The host mom is a very admirable woman.   She takes care of her mother, who is 93 and living with Alzheimers.  Although it is difficult for her, it is nice to see.  In the U.S. we tend to give money to send them to homes rather than take them into our own homes. 

The teachers are great.  They are very patient and are able to give advice as to how to sound more fluent.  I feel like I am learning quickly, but I am still adjusting to the accent.  It is very pretty, but I am in the habit of forming the sounds differently.  One Uruguayan told me I have a Mexican accent!

The school is also a residence, so there is a kitchen, living room, patio, etc.  The homestay and the school are one block apart.  It is about a 45 second commute : ) 

   On my quick commute to school there is a cute dog that is always standing outside the butcher shop.  He knows where the good stuff is.  I saw a dog walker today, but unfortunately I did not have my camera. 

   I walked through one section of the city and also went for a run down by the water.  There is a huge boardwalk/giant sidewalk along the ocean that runs for 22 kilometers or something around there.  It is nice to see the ocean.  My parents were kidding that they were going to sail down here to visit and that they would arrive in time for summer here.

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