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Learning Spanish in Montevideo: Salads and Soccer

“You could hear fireworks going off and the people’s faces were great. They are fanatics. The Uruguayans say their religion is soccer.”

Getting Started in Montevideo

“The teachers are great. They are very patient and are able to give advice as to how to sound more fluent. I feel like I am learning quickly, but I am still adjusting to the accent. It is very pretty, but I am in the habit of forming the sounds differently.”

Getting Ready for Montevideo!

“I thoroughly enjoy study abroad experiences because it is a sensory overload of new information, events, experiences, etc. and when I lay down at night my brain is tired from all of the excitement.”

Meet the Fundraiser: Renee S.

I wrote various companies with questions about the program and AmeriSpan gave the best responses and took the time to answer every question.

Meet the School: Montevideo’s Office Administrator

“Learning a language is an investment, as many employers value it very highly, but I think we learn best when we’re relaxed and having fun.”

Meet the School: Montevideo’s Owner/Director

The most important for me is the personal attention towards the students, in offering them your time and listen to their suggestions, or complaints helps us to keep improving. Good teachers, accommodation and a variety of activities and excursions are also essential.

Last Week in Montevideo

By Angela B., AmeriSpan Delegate, studying Spanish in Uruguay Ok, so we went to Buenos Aires….excelente!!!!  It was me, another kid from the states and 2 Brazilians.   This city is absolutely amazing!! We had soooo much fun and we stayed in a hostel downtown.  We hung out with people from literally all over the world…Italy, Spain… Read more »