Off to Sosua in Less Than Two Weeks!

Blog1By Eleanor B., guest blogger and student at AmeriSpan's Sosua Spanish school

Hi everyone! My name is Eleanor and I'm an 18 year old who has a passion for traveling and Spanish. Next year I'm going off to Auburn University to study Spanish and International Trade. This summer I really wanted to go someplace to practice my Spanish. I spent four months this year living in Panama as an exchange student. When I got home, I found that I started to lose my speaking skills. It's really hard for me to practice because theres a very small Latino population in the area. I decided it was important for me to get my speaking skills back up to for college. I went on a massive online search and found Amerispan. They're a safe company, ran out of the United States and have decent prices. Can't beat that!

Officially in less than two weeks I will be shipping off to Sosúa in the Dominican Republic. The program has apartments on campus, so I have my own school studio apartment for a month. The best part is that the school is close to the beach! I have the feeling most of my afternoons after Spanish classes with be spent on the beach. It's free, fun and I'll get a tan. Is there anything else more perfect?

This summer is absolutely PACKED with all kinds of trips and fun things. I will be going to California, taking a red eye back, flying to Alabama the next day, flying home, and then going to the Dominican a day after (does that even make sense?). Basically I'm in a different state/country or I'm traveling there/home. I just graduated yesterday and I only have one day (today) off to do absolutely nothing. To be honest, that's the way I like it. I cannot stay still for very long. There's something about being in a new place, especially a new country with a new language. I love learning about different cultures and attempting to speak Spanish. I've found that I haven't been running out to buy all kinds of things for my trip to the DR this time. I've traveled to Latin America so many times that I've finally learned to buy toiletries and other necessities down there. I'm notorious for over packing, so that leaves some room in my suitcase for more clothes!

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