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Dominican Republic Study Abroad: Eleanor Arrives in Sosua

“I made it! After a flight to Miami and then another one to Puerto Plata, I am finally in Sosúa.”

Off to Sosua in Less Than Two Weeks!

“The best part is that the school is close to the beach! I have the feeling most of my afternoons after Spanish classes with be spent on the beach.”

Meet the Fundraiser: Dhara K.

“No matter how much planning you do, you’re simply going to have to dive in, head first, and take the experience as it comes. Remember to bring pictures of your friends and family, of important events—graduation, parties, etc.—from home so that the people you meet and the friends you make abroad can know your story as well.”

Life in Santo Domingo

The instructor put me right onto the floor to start dancing right away as soon as he could see that I was getting it. Poor Heidi had to stay and learn the steps a little longer, but now shes a dancing queen too!

Arrival in Santo Domingo

Today was our first day of class. Heidi and I are in the same class along with two otra personas, Denis from Switzerland and Fabiana from Belgium. Our maestra is Victoria. She is very patient and explains things really well.

Study Spanish in Sosua

The communities along Sosua’s coast take work and play very seriously, and you’ll find that Sosua is a sunny and unforgettable place for Spanish immersion!

Meet the School: Sosua, Dominican Republic’s Director

Meet Tanja Hölzer, Director of AmeriSpan's partner school in Sosua, Dominican Republic! What is your background?I am a public relations consultant and worked in education as a Divisions Manager for Marketing and PR business trainings in Germany. I am 41, originally from Germany where I have studied history, politics and languages and became later on… Read more »

Current AmeriSpan Specials End in One Week!

  Our extended specials are ending in exactly one week – and we mean it this time!  Check out last Tuesday's Specials post for a run down of all expiring specials, or have a look at our Specials and Discounts Page!

Free Week of Classes: Study Spanish in the Dominican Republic

Anyone who has ever been to the Dominican Republic can tell you that it is colorful, gorgeous, and remarkably unique.  Located on the island of Hispanola between the equally beautiful islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, ‘la Republica Dominicana’ has a boatload to offer the Spanish student looking for some rest and relaxation in paradise. … Read more »