AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Carnivale and Portuguese in Salvador, Brazil

Rio_festivalAmeriSpan offers locations all over the world, and many of these have easy access to some of the world's greatest sights! One such example is the world-famous Carnivale – accessible while learning Portuguese in Brazil! Why not kill two birds with one stone and witness this enormous celebration while learning Portuguese in the same trip?

A blog entitled 'Organizing an Event' recently published an article entitled "10 Events to Attend Before You Die," and sights within close proximity to AmeriSpan locations were high on the list! Carnivale was no exception, as it is a wild and ornate spectacle draws thousands from all over the globe each year – you've got to see it to believe it.

Carnivale is a four-day celebration and giant parade full of elaborate masks, costumes and floats. It is most famously held on the streets of Rio de Janiero, but is also celebrated in Salvador.

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