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AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Carnivale and Portuguese in Salvador, Brazil

Carnivale is a four-day celebration and giant parade full of elaborate masks, costumes and floats. It is most famously held on the streets of Rio de Janiero, but is also celebrated in Salvador.

Study Portuguese in Salvador

The school, just 5 minutes from the beach, is a relaxing, quiet getaway with plenty of room to unwind and study. There are so many great things about this location, you’ll never want to leave!

Meet the School: Maceio’s School Coordinator

“After some years teaching English, I started teaching Portuguese to foreigners. Love at first sight! ”

Meet the School: A Head Teacher in Sao Paulo

“We have to learn how to face people with their basic necessities and limitations, potentiate their aptitudes and respect these people as unique beings.”

Meet the School: Sao Paulo’s General Director

“We are a not a simple language school, but rather we specialize in Portuguese for foreigners. Here, people learn in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The students will find our school environment warm and friendly.”

Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine

How wonderful would it be to learn about traditional Brazilian food while studying Portuguese in Brazil?  Our weekly "Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine" course allows you to do both of these things and more while staying in the lovely city of Salvador!

Flooding in Brazil: Maceio is Safe!

Due to flooding close to Maceio, one of our Brazilian locations, we wanted to pass on an assuring message from our partner school: "Everything is fine in Maceio, the biggest problem is in country side, in cities located more than 2 hours away. In Maceio was raining a lot, but didn’t flood where the school… Read more »