Learn Spanish & Follow Baseball

Baseball_spanishLearning Spanish or any other language can be a challenge for many of us.  The key is to make it fun, which is why studying languages abroad are so popular, because traveling is fun.  There are so many things people do to expand their language skills, from watching foreign movies to eating at ethnic restaurants to studying art to music and dancing.  It really depends on what  interests you, but all boost your skills.

As an avid baseball "béisbol" fan, there are many ways I can tie this into keeping my Spanish fresh. 

For one, MLB.com offers subscribers to pick which radio feed to listen to including home, away, English AND Spanish (if available).  Most cable systems offer a foreign language tier, which includes sports and baseball.  Take a look at your home teams roster and you are likely to find a whole host of players from Latin America.  After the season ends, you will find the leagues in Mexican, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and the Domican Republican full of major and minor leaguers playing and honing the craft.

However, the last few years, I've found myself checking the baseball rumor sites during free agency and before the trade deadline.  By far the best site for baseball rumors is mlbtraderumors.com, so I was excited to recently discover its Spanish language sister site: www.rumoresdebeisbol.com.  So if you are a baseball fan or your interests lie elsewhere, find something that interests you and expand your language skills while having fun.

Tip: Our Nicaragua Spanish school is located in Granada, Nicaragua which has a nice baseball stadium where doing your homework might include catching a game.

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