BBC News: The Cult of the Hyperpolyglot

_58617500_beatles304gettyLanguage immersion is a global trend making headlines left and right! A BBC UK article entitled "The Cult of the Hyperpolyglot" discusses the community of those who learn more than two languages, and the ease with which it propels them around the world!

The article gives a background of a few polyglots and demonstrates how their lives have been fulfilled and even shaped by their thirst for language learning.

Says one of the interviewees:

"Etymology is a sport for me. I enjoy looking up the origin of words and seeing which particular invasion was responsible for bringing that word into our vocabulary. I am immersed in it for my work and it will continue to intrigue me for every day of my life."

Russia_excursionIt is suggested that polyglots share a certain common neurological thread that allows them to process so many languages, but one thing is for sure – putting in the work to learn them can pay off.

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