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BBC News: The Cult of the Hyperpolyglot

“It is suggested that polyglots share a certain common neurological thread that allows them to process so many languages, but one thing is for sure – putting in the work to learn them can pay off.”

New School Location in St. Petersburg, Russia

Our award winning Russian in St. Petersburg school has moved to a more central location in the gorgeous city of St. Petersburg, close to hot spots like the Mikahilovsky Zamok, Russian Museum, and several parks, shops and cafes, and is now more popular than ever!  

Russia School Update

The violence in Moscow that shook the country and made global news yesterday was scary and a noted highly rare event.  Thankfully, our Moscow language school staff has reported that everyone there is fine and that the school’s neighborhood is all the way across the city from where the violence took place.  

BRB: Going to Europe

Our Biggest Promotion … ever Why Go to Europe Now? • Save 12.5% on programs in Europe • US Dollar is strong versus the Euro • Airfare is still reasonably priced Where Are the Promotions? • Spain Spanish schools • Germany German Schools • Austria German schools  • France French schools • Switzerland French courses… Read more »

Study Russian in Moscow & St. Petersburg

Watch a video of AmeriSpan’s Russian schools. AmeriSpan offers Russian language immersion programs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Click to learn more about studying Russian in Moscow, or studying Russian in St. Petersburg.