Why travel abroad?

travelers abroad

Meet new people!

There are many advantages to spending time abroad. It provokes the increase of self confidence; it sees the reassessment of one’s own culture and arouses the intrigue in the exotic, the alien, the foreign. Here are some of the most widely acknowledged benefits of travelling abroad:


1) The greatest advantage of a longer stay abroad is probably the acquisition of a new language.

It’s a lot easier to learn a language abroad because it has to be used all the time; much more than in class or at home. Furthermore, you also learn colloquial phrases, which is more important in everyday life than you might think.

2) To travel abroad brings you forward not only personally but also intellectually.

It opens up new perspectives and ideas and you will be more independent and responsible towards other cultures. You learn a lot by talking with other people from different countries with different attitudes and different mentalities. You practice how to talk to people and get to know more about their way of thinking.

3) To study abroad is an strong attribute on your resume.

It also offers advantages in the workplace because these experiences make you stand out from other applicants. The administrators of graduate programs prefer people who have studied abroad. The experience abroad thus increases your job opportunities and your financial gaining potential. Many companies seek bilingual executives and this trait will increase your future bargaining power.

4) It is very likely that you will form some of the deepest friendships during your stay abroad.

You have the opportunity to get to know people of different ethnic and cultural profiles. Other travelers abroad are just as far away from home as your and know how you feel and can therefore help you to get over that initial foreigness. Although you are so different, you will quickly discover many similarities.

5) You get to know your own country much better whilst abroad.

Most of what others know about you comes from the media, such as music, films and television programs. This is your chance to prove that these stereotypes do not always apply. You are the ambassadors of your country, your culture, and thus you can contribute to the cultural melting pot! At the same time you can dispel any erroneous stereotypes about others by getting to know the other culture first-hand. Excursions to cultural sites and museums will also help you to get to know the culture of the host country. There are differences in each country’s landscapes, climates and historical places, things that contribute to the world history.

6) A stay abroad can change your entire life.

Perhaps you will notice that you like a completely different field of studies and you change your study plan, or you realize that you like this new country much better and you decide to move there later on. Or if you are in your Bachelor you can decide studying your Master abroad, which means for a big advantage for your CV.

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