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Student Discount Cards for Study Abroad

Student travelers between the ages of 12 and 26 are eligible for student identity discount cards. There are two types of cards, the ISIC and ISEC. The ISIC, or “International Student Identity Card,” offers discounts on airfare, hotels, tours, dining, shopping, and lots more. ISIC claims over 33,000 discounts available worldwide. Major stores such as… Read more »

Great Guidebooks for Study Abroad

If you’ve been to Border’s or Barnes & Noble lately, and happened to cruise through the Travel section, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the humongous selection of travel guides. We recommend Lonely Planet guidebooks for several reasons.

Keeping in Touch While Studying Abroad

One of the more complicated aspects of studying abroad can be staying in touch with those back home, as well as communicating over the phone in your host country. Especially in these days of technology, when everybody has a cell phone on them at all times, it can be disconcerting to not have one when… Read more »

Great Resources

Know Before You Go – Kayla Allen I'm sort of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl. I've planned trips on a spur of the moment and figured out where I was going to stay and what I was going to do when I got there; and had a blast I… Read more »

Studying Abroad

- Using a Cell Phone Overseas by Connie Marianacci Travel abroad and stay in touch; the easiest and most convenient option is to have a cell phone. In most cases the simple combination of an international unlocked GSM cell phone and International SIM card will offer the best deal including rates, international coverage, and dependability…. Read more »

Cheap Dining Abroad

By Elizabeth Gregory One of the best ways to experience the culture of a country or to add to your vacation is through good dining experiences. However, experiencing the local food need not be at a huge expense. There are a few tips that will help the budget conscious traveler without sacrificing the goal of… Read more »

Communicating Abroad

By Elizabeth Gregory Although I typically travel to foreign countries where I speak the language (or know that there are many English speakers nearby), on occasion I have found myself in places where it has proven difficult to communicate. Here are some helpful hints to getting by in a place where you don't speak the… Read more »

Cultural Immersion & Sports

By Elizabeth Gregory Some of the most memorable moments abroad for me come from when I really got out there and dug myself into the local culture. Sure it's fun to sightsee, but being a tourist isn't always the best way to get an accurate picture of the true slice of life in a foreign… Read more »

Homestay Advice

By Sue Lavene One of the best ways to become really familiar with a country is through its people. To make your trip even more fulfilling and to broaden your experience, one way to expand on that might be to stay with a local family wherever you will be based. If you are taking language,… Read more »

The Homestay Experience

You've heard it more than once – travelers desribing their time spent living with a local family as either the best or the worst part of their trip! In spite of everyone's definitions of "best" and "worst", it is agreed that the homestay experience makes a strong impact on the student traveler's view the a… Read more »