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Last Chance to Get Spain Fever!

Three weeks ago, AmeriSpan announced its popular "Spain Fever" special, and time is running out to take full advantage of it!  If you register by May 15th (that's this Saturday, folks!) and use discount code "Spain Fever", you can receive a $59/week discount when you study Spanish in Spain at the following locations: Alicante, Barcelona,… Read more »

Video: Spanish School in Bogota, Colombia

As we mentioned in last Thursday’s post, we are now delighted to have our Spanish School in Bogota, Colombia join the ranks of our diverse language immersion program selection.  Watch the video below to get a sneak peek! See Spanish School in BogotaSee Colombia Spanish Schools

Studying French in the South of France

Our friends at Boots 'N' All Travel Blog have compiled a great list of "7 Secrets of the South of France" and  we felt we had to comment.  AmeriSpan offers a multitude of Study French in France programs, but we think our southern locations have a certain "je ne c'est quoi."  Here's an excerpt of… Read more »

Update: Eyjafjallajökull and Flights in Europe

As you have likely heard on the news, there have been many costly and headache-triggering complications for travelers wishing to fly into, out of, and within Europe this past week due to bothersome volcanic ash floating downwind from the active Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland and obstructing international airspace. Every day we have been hearing stories… Read more »

Study Abroad Tips: Budgeting & Saving Money

ou most likely have at least a rough budget that you adhere to while going about your daily, weekly, and monthly routines when living at home. But how do you figure out a budget for your study abroad trip? It can be tricky, but doesn’t have to be. A little planning, forethought, and estimation will… Read more »

College Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

This past year, we here at AmeriSpan were thrilled to add several College Study Abroad programs to our repertoire.  We know that Spain is and has always been an ideal destination for students studying Spanish and racking up college credit abroad, and we’ve delivered!  Today we’d like to highlight one of our newest programs, our… Read more »

Jordan Arabic Schools: Travel Tips for Jordan

If you are going to a Jordan Arabic School here are some Jordan Travel Tips. And be sure to check out our Amman School profile. 1. Cellular Phone Tips: There is an Orange Cellular shop in the airport where you can buy a SIM card for open cell phones for about 20 JOD and get… Read more »

Costa Rica Spanish Schools: Beaches

Looking for a Spanish school at the beach? Budget Traveler seems to think Samara Beach is particularly awesome, but we think they’re all pretty great.

Russia School Update

The violence in Moscow that shook the country and made global news yesterday was scary and a noted highly rare event.  Thankfully, our Moscow language school staff has reported that everyone there is fine and that the school’s neighborhood is all the way across the city from where the violence took place.  

Spotlight: Medical Spanish in Costa Rica

During all the hubbub about healthcare this week, we here at AmeriSpan thought we’d highlight one of our best SALUD Medical Spanish Programs in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a highly organized Social Security system known as the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS). CCSS is one of the most developed healthcare systems in… Read more »