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College Study Abroad in Chile Video

Watch a video of our College Study Abroad (CSA) program in Vina del Mar, Chile. This semester, summer, or year-long program is held at the Universidad de Vina del Mar. Click for more information about our CSA program in Chile.

Budgeting for Study Abroad

There are many things to consider when budgeting for study abroad. Make a list of everything you can think of that you will need to pay for on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include lodging and meals that aren’t included with your program; personal items, such as toiletries, clothing, nights out, and souvenirs; additional… Read more »

Study Abroad with the Kindle International

We already love the Kindle for study abroad: It reduces weight and bulk in your luggage, alleviates the need to select which one or two books to bring, and even has guidebooks, phrasebooks, and maps available. Oh, and you can even bring AmeriSpan’s helpful, free e-reports on your study abroad trip too! Now, they’ve taken… Read more »

Tidbits About Our Antigua Guatemala Spanish School

Some first-hand information about our Spanish school in Anitgua, Guatemala. Antigua is a beautiful Colonial city in Guatemala, and our programs there are of excellent quality and also a great value. SchoolWe went from the airport to the school and arrived a little after 4 pm. I was surprised how many students were just hanging… Read more »

Study Abroad Costa Rica: Tranquilo

By Katie P., Guestblogger from Coronado, Costa Rica Independent Teen program Some travel to Costa Rica with intention, with plans and reservations and a return flight already booked. Unfortunately my age, and obligation to high school does not allow for infinite vacation and so I am one of those people who came and fulfilled my… Read more »

Study Abroad Costa Rica: Puerto Viejo

By Katie P., Guestblogger from Coronado, Costa Rica Independent Teen program The Caribbean Coast definitely has its own vibe, much different from that of the Pacific. Immediately as I stepped off the bus, I felt the tropical heat saturate my face in rays of glory, heard the melodic pulse of Bob Marley’s One Love, floating… Read more »

Study Abroad Peru: Rainforest Excursion

By Jamie F., Guestblogger from Cusco, Peru SALUD program Sadly this is my last blog about Peru… So we left the somewhat modern civilization that I had come to know for the past 5 weeks and ventured into the rainforest/jungle/selva/amazon (whatever you want to call it) there were all sorts of animals. We took a 30 min… Read more »