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All Japanese Programs Suspended

AmeriSpan is suspending all Japan study abroad programs indefinitely.

Donation to AmeriSpan General Donation Fund!

AmeriSpan would like to give a special thank you to Sasha O. for her kind donation towards the AmeriSpan General Donation Fund.

Why Spanish Immersion?

There are lots of ways to learn new languages. Is Spanish immersion a good option?

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica in Jaco Beach

If your interested in learning Spanish in Costa Rica, we suggest that you consider one of our programs in Jaco Beach. How about Spanish & Surfing or Digital Photography. Here is a video about the Jaco Beach programs. To see all, go here: Jaco Beach Spanish courses.

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Study Abroad Blog is full of study abroad tips, participant blogs, videos and more. Follow our blog and you can save.

Summer NOW!

If you've already received a copy of last week's newsletter then you have already heard, but for those of you who haven't, AmeriSpan is encouraging last-minute summer registrations!  Sad you missed out on studying abroad this summer?  There's still time! All  you have to do is register for any program starting before Labor Day and… Read more »

Specials Update!

AmeriSpan is still reeling from the excitement of Spain’s victory in the World Cup, and we’re celebrating by knocking down program costs in select Spain locations over the next few weeks!  We’ve also added a few new specials and renewed some others (keep in mind that we have permanent discounts for bloggers, groups, students, and… Read more »

Traveling, Homework & Exploring Lyon France

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France On Traveling:Lyon?s a great city, but what makes it even more appealing is its proximity to the rest of France and other countries. This weekend I took a two-hour train to Geneva for a day of paddle boating, and exploring. I could have stayed in a hostel for… Read more »

Studying Spanish in Montanita Ecuador: Part 3

By Keeya J, Guest Video Blogger in Montanita, Ecuador In this video, our guest video blogger, Keeya, and her friend, Tiffani, take us to the school where they have been volunteering to teach English. Later, they take us to a party at the Spanish school. Keeya is participating in the  Spanish & Surfing program in Montanita. … Read more »

Studying French in Quebec City: Student Interviews

By Christina H., Guest Video Blogger studying French in Quebec City, Canada Watch a video blog from our guest blogger, Christina H., who is studying French in Quebec City, Canada. In this video, Christina interviews three of her fellow students and one of her teachers. (Note: Some interviewees chose not to appear on camera in… Read more »