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BRB: Going to Europe

Our Biggest Promotion … ever Why Go to Europe Now? • Save 12.5% on programs in Europe • US Dollar is strong versus the Euro • Airfare is still reasonably priced Where Are the Promotions? • Spain Spanish schools • Germany German Schools • Austria German schools  • France French schools • Switzerland French courses… Read more »

Learning Arabic in Jordan: The Food

Want to learn Arabic? We recommend taking a close look at our program in Amman, Jordan.  I just returned from a trip to Jordan and will be blogging over the coming days and weeks about my experience. The bottom line, I highly recommend the school in Amman and the country of Jordan. Wow is what… Read more »

Don’t go to Spain!

 Why would you go to a place that might entice you to stay forever? The people are far too generous and they have too much fun. Who wants the freedom to sit on the beach with a glass of sangria, to eat tapas after 10pm or make the last meal of the night breakfast? What… Read more »

Study Abroad Peru: Rainforest Excursion

By Jamie F., Guestblogger from Cusco, Peru SALUD program Sadly this is my last blog about Peru… So we left the somewhat modern civilization that I had come to know for the past 5 weeks and ventured into the rainforest/jungle/selva/amazon (whatever you want to call it) there were all sorts of animals. We took a 30 min… Read more »