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Museums to See in Madrid

People are increasingly drawn to Madrid. The capital of Spain is starting be a city that can hold its own against other cultural capitals, in terms of both cultural interest and important museums. So what are the most essential museums to see in Madrid? Museo del Prado: Don’t miss the chance to stroll through one… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain: Bella’s Spain Tour – Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger Bella L. recently returned from an incredible AmeriSpan trip to four different locations after deciding she wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid and expand on her immersion with a multi-site program. Check out her first video after the jump to see part of her experience in Madrid! Find out more about Spain study… Read more »

Meet the School: Madrid’s Head of Studies

It is important to distinguish between client and student. As a teacher you should never see them as a client and a student in the class room should never behave as one.

Meet the School: Madrid’s General Director

Don Quijote is a Spanish school and we can find a completely professional service but only within an environment that’s friendly and cordial. The teachers are highly skilled but also very personable. The location of the school and its facilities are excellent.

College Semester/Year Abroad in Spain

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that they can save thousands of dollars on college tuition by spending a semester abroad!  Studying abroad has long been considered a luxury reserved for those lucky enough to have extraneous financial opportunity, but the reality is that tuition abroad is cheaper, and that many… Read more »