College Semester/Year Abroad in Spain

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that they can save thousands of dollars on college tuition by spending a semester abroad!  Studying abroad has long been considered a luxury reserved for those lucky enough to have extraneous financial opportunity, but the reality is that tuition abroad is cheaper, and that many US colleges and advisors are willing to approve international credit!  Additionally, studying abroad for a semester or year is a phenomenal resume-builder, regardless of your major.  Courses are taught with international students in Spanish and/or English, and there are usually several elective options.  AmeriSpan now offers 4 College Study Abroad locations in Spain: Madrid, Granada, Barcelona UAB, and Barcelona BIC!

1. Madrid
MadridCSA5 The Nebrija campus in Madrid is centrally located in the Dehesa de la Villa neighborhood, and is close to shops, landmarks, public transportation and a park.  Students can opt to stay in an apartment or with a host family, and have access to a computer lab, cafeteria, and library.  Semester programs are available in the Spring, Summer, and Fall in English and Spanish.

2. Granada
Granada is a captivating city located at the foot of the Andalusian Mountains and a short bus ride away from the Mediterranean.  The semester program has a unique layout, as it includes both a "Ten Day Intersession" in Madrid and an allotted ten days for personal travel time.

Classes at our partner university in Granada are taught half in English and half in Spanish, although no prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary.  This program is available during the Fall semester only.

3. Barcelona UAB
The UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) campus has much to offer: proximity to the beach and mountains, three day weekends, excursions, lodging options, and opportunites to participate in a variety of group outings and school-sponsored cultural activities.

UAB is recommended for students with an existing low-intermediate or higher understanding of Spanish, as students take 90 hours of Spanish class with the option of Spanish or English electives.  The campus provides access to libraries, computer labs, cafeterias and other campus facilities.

Students may spend a Spring/Fall semester at UAB or select one of the shorter Summer semesters.

4. Barcelona BIC
Our BIC (Barcelona International College) campus also offers the pluses of study in Barcelona and homestay options/three-day weekends.  The main difference between UAB and BIC is that BIC offers electives in English only, so if your Spanish level is lower than intermediate, this may be the choice for you.  Additionally, this university caters to an even more international crowd and its program is easier to customize.

The campus is located three metro stops from the popular Plaza de Catalunya, and the facilities are excellent.  This program is available for Spring, Fall, and 2 different Summer semesters.

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