Peru Spanish Schools: Machu Piccu Re-Opening 4/1/2010

CuscoLooking for a Peru Spanish school? AmeriSpan is happy to let you know that the popular excursion to Machu Picchu will be available on April 1st.  Peruvian Trade and Tourism Minister Martin Perez announced last month that the citadel of Incan ruins will be reopening to the public following the flooding of roads leading to it last month.  Starting April 1st, 2010, visitors will be permitted to tour the citadel via bus from Cusco without complications.  The city of Cusco itself has been open to the public, so it is still entirely possible to plan a trip starting in late March!

Past participant Neha B., recommends AmeriSpan's Cusco school, saying "The program is very well established and the staff is open to feedback," while other former Cusco Spanish student Christianne T. gushed, "The best part of the trip was the amount of friends that I made.
Anyone that hasn't experienced a language immersion program should! I
was totally satisfied with the program. I see no way to improve it!" 

Now is a perfect time to discover Peru and all of its treasueres; there's nothing stopping you!

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