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Peru Study Abroad: My Great Homestay Family

By Courtney C., Guest Blogger and Peru study abroad participant ¡Hola! Now for a little bit about my family….. When I arrived at the airport, my host parents, Belinda and Cesar, were there to pick me up with great big smiles on their faces.  I explained to them that I don´t speak much Spanish yet,… Read more »

Introduction/Lima Hotel

“In just a little over a week I will be starting my journey to Cusco, Peru where I will be living for an entire month!”

Peru Spanish Schools Close-up

Ever wondered what the advantages would be to choosing one of AmeriSpan’s Peru Spanish schools for your Spanish immersion program?

Helping Peruvians in Need

I spent my second week working at Madre Teresa de Calcuta in the afternoons with my friends Elizabeth and Jen.
The first time I was showed around the place, I wanted to cry.

A Visit with a Peruvian Shaman

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar.  One afternoon we got to have a meeting with a real shaman!  It turns out she also worked as a Registered Nurse and a massage therapist.  And there I was expecting this witch to come in with a cape or something.  But she was really sweet and gave us… Read more »

Excursion from Cuzco to Puno

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar. This weekend was a vacation trip to Puno!  At least in my mind it was, Puno is about a seven hour bus ride from the town of Cuzco and is a gateway to the beautiful Lake Titicaca.  Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable… Read more »

Peru Spanish Schools: Machu Piccu Re-Opening 4/1/2010

Looking for a Peru Spanish school? AmeriSpan is happy to let you know that the popular excursion to Machu Picchu will be available on April 1st.  Peruvian Trade and Tourism Minister Martin Perez announced last month that the citadel of Incan ruins will be reopening to the public following the flooding of roads leading to… Read more »