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Learn Spanish in Cusco: Visit Machu Picchu – Video

You simply cannot learn Spanish in Cusco without a trip to one of the world’s most prized cultural and archaelogical sites: Machu Picchu.

Spanish and Tastes of Peru: Getting To Cusco

“I want to learn as many languages as possible so that I have the flexibility to live, work, study, and travel in as many places as possible. With French, Spanish, and English you have a large portion of the world covered!”

SALUD Medical Spanish: First Days in Cusco!

“The main center of the city is the Plaza Del Armas and it is absolutely gorgeous! I want to go there every day and just take in the beautiful churches, fountains and parks. ”

AmeriSpan’s “Bucket List”: Machu Picchu, Peru

Accessible via Incan trail, Macchu Piccu is the site of an ancient Incan metropolis.

Introduction/Lima Hotel

“In just a little over a week I will be starting my journey to Cusco, Peru where I will be living for an entire month!”

Meet the Student: Cusco Spanish School

I was introduced to the study abroad program through my travels abroad, meeting people and visiting schools. I joined the program because after growing up overseas, I wanted to continue my studies in a foreign environment.

Peru Spanish Schools Close-up

Ever wondered what the advantages would be to choosing one of AmeriSpan’s Peru Spanish schools for your Spanish immersion program?

Video: Budget-Friendly Spanish School in Cusco

A few weeks ago, AmeriSpan introduced and sung the praises of our new partner, our Cusco Spanish school. It is truly a gorgeous location, and this video proves it.

AmeriSpan’s New Budget Spanish School in Cusco, Peru

In addition to lower program costs, the school building’s incredible location (one block from major hub Plaza de Armas) provides for easy sightseeing and safe exploration.

First Week in Peru

By Miki S., guest blogger, Cusco SALUD participant and AmeriSpan Delegate Scholar. It’s been one week since I’ve arrived in Peru but I have honestly done so much already…. The Sunday of my arrival, my family took me to the Plaza de Armas (the heart of Cusco) where we saw a mini-festival, rather a competition,… Read more »