Learn Italian and the Tastes of Sicily

Italy, as you already know, is renowned for its unique traditional cooking methods and flavors that tie together the bounties of the Mediterranean and the fresh vegetables and spices of the countryside.  We regularly see commercials zooming in on red and white sauces, meats, and pastas being tossed onto a plate from an overflowing pot and know immediately what kind of food we're being sold. In our 'Italian and the Tastes of Sicily' class, you can explore a world you may never have been exposed to otherwise!  

But, as with the gastronomy of India, China, France, the US, and
virtually most countries in the world, a further look at the regional
differences in Italy's cooking will reveal unique differences. 
Sicilian food is in many ways it's very own, and was recently the subject
of extreme food show 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern' on the Travel
Channel.  (But don't worry, like all of the other locations on this
show, you have plenty of less scary options.)SicilianFood

We can tell by looking at the Mediterranean Food Pyramid that seafood and vegetables play a larger role in coastal Italian diets, and such is especially the case on the offshore island of Sicily.  Some typical Sicilian dishes include "Tonno al Siracusana" (Tuna Siracusa Style) and "Sarde a Beccafico" (Stuffed Sardines).

If you have an interest in learning Italian and learning how to prepare healthy and distinct ethnic meals, we cannot recommend AmeriSpan's very own Italian and the Tastes of Sicily program enough!

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