Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine

Brazil_Salvador_Dialogo3How wonderful would it be to learn about traditional Brazilian food while studying Portuguese in Brazil?  Our weekly "Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine" course allows you to do both of these things and more while staying in the lovely city of Salvador!

Salvador is the perfect backdrop for both of these activities.  The city is located on the coast of Brazil and has so much to explore: the colorful old town and all of its rich heritage, the world-famous annual carnaval, Bay of the Savior, the fun-loving and easygoing nature of the locals, a plethora of shops and restaurants, and so much more.  And the beach of Salavador da Bahia is gorgeous, not to mention quite warm during our North American winter!

In your "Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine" courses, you'll learn about Bahian/Brazilian cuisine's history and influence, and discover many ingredients and dishes that you've probably never heard of!  Each class, a professional local chef will lead students through one dish and one drink, and then the class will enjoy the meal together at the end.

This is without a doubt one of AmeriSpan's most unique opportunities to get hands-on experience while studying a language! 

For details, see: Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine

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