Free Time in Lyon

Lyon_group2 By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France

If you read my earlier blog about the Lyon school?s program, you?ll realize that even if you take the 30/hours a week Super Intensive course, you?ll be out of school by 3 PM. You?ll be so tired, you?ll be a walking zombie around 3 PM, so don?t worry too much about needing a plan everyday (you don?t). I do think I could have used my time better during my first few weeks here if only I?d known how to use my time better. Thus, my blog about time management!

1) The after-school nap: Take one, or grab a beer. Do something other than study French and give that brain of yours a rest.

2) Then, study your French:

    a) Watch a French movie, first with English subtitles and then with French subtitles.
Watch a movie from the USA with French subtitles. Alternate – you get the point.

    b) There?s a great public library in Lyon (near the Part-Dieu metro station) where you
can rent audiobooks to help you learn French. They have baby books, young adult
books, ect. They have everything you need to be immersed in the language! For 6
Euros, you can get a library card and rent whatever you want.

    c) Again, don?t get carried away with the night drinking! Some people really ruin their
stay in Lyon by drinking every night and not getting any sleep. I like to think these
people have rich parents who are paying for them and they deserve the terrible
education they?re getting (but I feel bad for the parents).

    d) Do your homework. Depending on the teacher, you?ll have some required homework.
Even if your teacher doesn?t assign homework, do complete the spare exercises and
ask your teacher to correct them the next day anyway. (hey! you?re paying for the
class, so you should be able to get the most out of it).

    e) Attend the after-school activities: Earlier I wrote about these activities (they change
everyday – e.g. laser tag, a movie, a museum, etc.), and they?re good to attend since
everything?s in French and you can talk to the teacher in charge of that day?s activity
in French (for free!).

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