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New York Times: “Old Montreal, Newly Hip”

Want to study French in a posh city closer to home? Many major cities feature an “old town” or “old city” that undergoes the occasional renaissance period, and Old Montreal is currently experiencing a very fashionable period, so says New York Times Travel writer Michael Kaminer. Rue St. Paul is now home to several high… Read more »

France Study Abroad: Love and French

The people that I?ve met really enjoy knowing where you?re from and why you?re studying French, so make the most of it and practice your French with them!

French in France: Croix-Rousse

“I live in an exceptionally beautiful part of Lyon called Croix-Rousse! There?s a farmer?s market every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it?s the most wonderful farmer?s market you could ever go to!”

Learn French in Lyon: The 14th of July!

The 14th of July in France is like the 4th of July in the USA (except they celebrate a different independence, of course!).

Meet the School: Quebec City’s Director of Studies

“We work hard at maintaining what I think is the most essential thing for a small new company: a great “esprit de corps”. It is defined as a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.”

Meet the School: Quebec City’s School Director

In 2008, Quebec City celebrated its 400th anniversary. One outside concert was organised on the Plaines d’Abrahams. Sir Paul MacCartney was the performer. He wanted to address himself to Quebec’s people in French so, I, myself, was asked to be his teacher and the person who adapted his French lyrics. I’ll never forget this wonderful experience.

Helpful Additional Materials to Buy

Here are some items I purchased that have been really helpful on my travels!

Meet the School: Montreal’s School Director

“Our levels are correlated to the European Framework, so students can continue their language learning even after they leave. After almost 50 years of welcoming students to our cities, listening to their feedback and evolving with the times, we’ve been able to build our reputation as one of the best language schools in Canada.”

Meet the School: Paris’ Managing Director

The school’s philosophy is based on one very simple point: quality. The quality of the premises, quality of information, quality of the courses, quality of accommodation, quality of the contact between us and our partners, quality of contact with all our + 5,000 students/clients, quality of all our services and all we do at the school.

Weather (And What Not To Wear)

If you like to be in fashion, just leave your shorts and your athletic sneakers at home. If you don?t care about fashion, sure, no don?ts for you! Work those sneakers and see if you can start a fashion trend!