More Than Language Lessons

Kate-sicardKate S., current Great Travel Abroad Contest participant, raves about her Spanish teacher in Samara Beach

This photo was taken at AmeriSpan's Spanish school at Samara Beach. Our professors decided we needed some good old-culture lessons and performed for us. It was amazing! Here is my professor wearing traditional garb for her region of Costa Rica. She's dancing the traditional moves and yelping the traditional "OI!" while one of my fellow students tries to keep up. This was a really special day for us. I kept thinking that it was amazing to have such dedicated professors. And of course, I appreciated that they wanted to teach us about their culture just as much as they wanted us to learn Spanish and enjoy the beach.


This is a great example of the many cultural lessons I've received in the study abroad programs that I have participated in through Amerispan. What I love most about these programs is their unique approach; you can live with locals, cook regional cuisines, and learn fantastic new dance moves. I can't wait to continue my exploration!

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