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Costa Rica Study Abroad: Tips for Traveling to Samara Beach

Costa Rica tends to be pretty clean and laid back, in fact its motto is “Pura vida!” or, loosely translated, “Live life to the fullest!”.

Costa Rica Spanish Schools: The Food

“The normal lunch for many Ticos, especially those working outside of the home, is a Casado, which is a platter available in the local form of a greasy spoon restaurant, called a Soda.”

Sámara Tourist Board & Community Development Organization

This site can help you find your way around Samara and give you important information about the area. It’s also a charitable organization that gives back to the community!

Adventures in Costa Rica

oon I was cruising across the sand at 60 miles per hour, splashing through the surf, and entirely alone except for a few groups of large carrion birds that looked like vultures, munching on the remains of dead turtles too heavy to carry away.

Semana Santa Celebrations

Semana Santa, as I mentioned previously, is a week-long holiday for the vast majority of the country. There are basically three activities for this time period: involvement in church activities, including preparations, prayers, masses and processions; sitting at home and relaxing or doing nothing; or going to the beach.

More Than Language Lessons

This is a great example of the many cultural lessons I’ve received in the study abroad programs that I have participated in through Amerispan. What I love most about these programs is their unique approach; you can live with locals, cook regional cuisines, and learn fantastic new dance moves.

Costa Rica Spanish Schools: Beaches

Looking for a Spanish school at the beach? Budget Traveler seems to think Samara Beach is particularly awesome, but we think they’re all pretty great.