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Travel Spain – Experiencing Paella

By Anne-Marie Dingemans Spain has so many nice traditional dishes, it's hard to pick a favorite one. I am definitely a social eater, so the environment, presentation and company are very important to my overall ‘eating experience' as well. So if we take all that into consideration, I would say I would pick paella over… Read more »

Travel Brazil – Bahian Cuisine

By Alexa Boyce – When I think of different types of ethnic foods, Brazilian is not one that jumps out at me as anything particularly interesting. However, Brazil has a very interesting ethnic mix of Portugese colonists, Brazilian native Indians and African slaves. It is this that gives its food such a unique flavor. The… Read more »

Secrets of Italian Cooking

By Beth Klemick – I have noticed and maybe those of you reading our entries have as well, I often blog about topics that are not necessarily my strengths in life: packing, patience to research airfare and now cooking. When I prepare an Italian meal it generally consists of boiling the water, tossing in the… Read more »

Swiss Chocolate

By Anne-Marie Dingemans Why do the Swiss make such awesome chocolate? Or more interesting maybe, how? I am a chocolate-lover. A chocolate-snob even, according to some of my friends. Well, I can not possibly call a Mars Bar chocolate, and if that makes me a snob, well, so be it. Do a little taste-test yourself…. Read more »

Japanese Tea Ceremony

By Beth Klemick The Japanese tea ceremony (known as ha-no-yu, chado, or sado) was likely originated in China and introduced into the Japanese culture. These days in Japan the tea ceremony has become a popular hobby of many Japanese who actually take tea ceremony lessons with a teacher. This ritualistic ceremony is learned by heart… Read more »

Venezuela Cooking: Arepas Recipe

By Connie Marianacci If there is one thing I miss about Venezuela it is the Arepas! Arepas for breakfast, arepas for lunch and arepas for dinner. They are very simple to make and great! Ingredients 1 cup of precooked corn flour masarepa/masarica/masaharina(precooked fine granulated white or yellow cornmeal found at ethnic section of supermarket or… Read more »

Arabic Cooking: Our Moroccan Meal

By Sue Lavene Perhaps we cannot just leave our desks and take a trip to Morocco spur of the moment. However, right in our city of Philadelphia, with fabulous multi-ethnic restaurants the norm, the staff at AmeriSpan enjoyed an evening "away" at a Moroccan restaurant, sharing a traditonal Moroccan feast in celebration of the 2005… Read more »

Polish Cooking : Pierogies Recipe

By Beth Klemick Of all Polish foods, by far the best known are pierogies. These culinary delights can be found ready made in almost any grocery store in the United States, offering quick and easy preparation by boiling them in water or, as an added bonus, sauté the boiled pierogies until golden brown. For those… Read more »

Mexican Cuisine

By Jim Kane, Guest Blogger Oaxaca is known for its cuisine. I've been fortunate to have traveled there a half dozen times in the last three years. I typically sample the culinary gamut from a late night, street corner tacos al pastor washed down with a cold Bohemia beer to an evening at the internationally… Read more »

Italian Cooking : Pizzelles Recipe

I can't remember a December without the delicious smell (and taste!) of pizzelles. My Aunt Anna makes the best pizzelles ever, and I can't wait until she makes a batch this year. I knew that pizzelles were an Italian tradition, but I really didn't know much else. After doing a little research, I now know… Read more »