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Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine

How wonderful would it be to learn about traditional Brazilian food while studying Portuguese in Brazil?  Our weekly "Portuguese and Bahian Cuisine" course allows you to do both of these things and more while staying in the lovely city of Salvador!

Celebrate Oktoberfest: 15% Off all German Programs

From September 18 through October 3rd, the world-famous Oktoberfest celebrations take over the city of Munich, Germany: the city's mayor taps the first keg and then people from around the world raise their steins in unison and enjoy some of Germany's finest beer!


By Bradley Rehak – Guest blogger studying in Quito, Ecuador Ecuador, along with the rest of South and Central America apparently, has perfect weather conditions for growing fruit, particularly along the coast and in the Amazon basin. Thus for a gringo such as myself, attempting to purchase fruit or juice can be rather intimidating, because… Read more »

Best Cuisine Regions

cont… by Kayla Allen Picking up where Glenn left off sort of; it's time to get out of Europe or at least add a dash of spice. In recent years fusion has taken over the culinary world, mixing traditional preparations with new and exciting ingredients. Let's look at where these ingredients that are breathing new… Read more »

Some Wine-Producing Regions

By Glenn Rigby Lots of people enjoy wine. Something for dinner, a party, celebrations, special occasions – you name it and there is a wine for it. "But where does it come from," many of us may wonder. Well, there is the question at hand. Wine is produced all over the world. Writing on all… Read more »

Best Cuisine Regions

By Glenn Rigby Italy is known for its gourmet food. Pasta, risotto, polenta, olive oil, and focaccia, among many other foods, are some of Italy's trademarks. However, Italy is divided into separate cultural, political, and culinary regions. In the wealthier north, a golden, fruity olive oil is used, whereas in the south you are more… Read more »

Odd Foods

By Alexa Boyce I recently read an article about a Beijing restaurant called the Cat Meatball Restaurant shutting down due to animal rights protesters. The thought of cat meatballs disgusts me as an American, but I'm sure to some Chinese people (obviously not all of them), it is an inexpensive or tasty dinner. I came… Read more »

Confucius Says

"Eating is the utmost important thing in life" – By Kayla Allen China is a huge country with a great variety in climate, landscape and crops so it's not surprising that China's cuisine is just as varied. Very generally speaking, there are eight main kinds of Chinese cuisine and four major "flavors"; Cantonese, Szechuan, Northern… Read more »

Cheers to Morocco

by Kayla Alen – Since Morocco is a Muslim country by majority it's a bit surprising how popular alcohol remains. In stores you may find that the bottles of alcoholic beverages are covered in newspaper or black plastic to avoid overtly displaying items that much of the county finds offensive, but the alcohol remains. Because… Read more »

Secrets of Thai Cooking

By Kayla Allen – Like 5 years ago it seemed that every time I was going out to dinner with a friend, that friend was telling me about this amazing Thai restaurant we just had to go to. Consequently, I've been to Thai restaurants in San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tucson, etc. basically everywhere… Read more »