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The Apple iPad for Study Abroad and Travel

If you are like us, you kinda want an iPad. Or really want an iPad. But is it a justifiable purchase or just fun? How about as a study abroad necessity? Will the iPad even work for study abroad? Finally, we're just going to come out and say it: I want an iPad! Will it… Read more »

Study Abroad (at home!) with Bilingual America

Yes, we at AmeriSpan are advocates of studying abroad whenever possible, but we do realize that taking extended periods away from home, work, and school to travel to exotic locales and learn new languages aren't always practical. Also, if you have studied abroad previously, it helps to practice your new language skills so you don't… Read more »

College Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

This past year, we here at AmeriSpan were thrilled to add several College Study Abroad programs to our repertoire.  We know that Spain is and has always been an ideal destination for students studying Spanish and racking up college credit abroad, and we’ve delivered!  Today we’d like to highlight one of our newest programs, our… Read more »

Chile Spanish Schools: Accepting Students After Earthquake

After the earthquake that hit Chile south of Santiago on February 27th, there were complications and closings in many Chilean businesses and points of transport in and around Santiago.  We had one student in Santiago at the time who we called instantly to check on, and he reported to us that he was fine and… Read more »

February is ACTFL’s Discover Languages Month!

As part of the sustained public awareness campaign to promote language education, the ACTFL Board of Directors has designated the month of February as Discover Languages month.  This effort will be celebrated annually as a time when language educators can help to raise public awareness by focusing on language programs and the important benefits that… Read more »

Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

If you are traveling to Spain or Latin America for fun or to study abroad and learn Spanish, Rosetta Stone can help you prepare. The Rosetta Stone method allows users to learn naturally without memorization, engage interactively with the software, speak confidently using the speech recognition software, and also have fun. 

Study Abroad Preparation: Rosetta Stone

We’ve all seen the commercials, especially around the 2008 Olympics of  Michael Phelps endorsing Rosetta Stone: It helped him learn Chinese before he went to Beijing to win a record 8 Olympic gold medals. As discussed in our newest e-report, AmeriSpan’s Guide to Cultural Adjustment, it can help immensely to have at least a basic… Read more »

Study Spanish Phrases: Transportation

Transportation Phrases Bus and Train How much is a ticket to _____? ¿Cuánto cuesta un billete/pasaje a _____? (KwAHno kwEHSta oon beYEHta a ___) One ticket to _____, please. Un billete/pasaje a _____, por favor. (Oon beYEHta a _______, pour FAHvor.)

Use a Voice Recorder for Effective Study Abroad

When studying abroad, recording your classes is an excellent way to remember and review what you learned daily. With the advent of iPod voice recorders, this is not only possible, but practical as well. There are a wide range of voice recorders available, from zero frills and bad quality sound playback, to large, heavy, expensive… Read more »

Recommendation: Ahora Hablo Medical Edition

While not a replacement for studying Spanish (or Medicine for that matter), the book, "!Ahora Hablo! Medical Edition" (Megusta Publishing, $9.95) can be a handy guide as a refresher or a reference to use while treating patients. The book includes the most important Medical Spanish terms as well as phonetic English pronunciations. This pocket-sized guide… Read more »