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Budget Travel Abroad

It was recently released by the The EIU that Oslo, Norway has replaced Tokyo, Japan as the world's most expensive city. When searching for the least expensive cities in the world, I found some information from the Cost of Living Survey by Mercer Human Resources. So, without further ado, I give you the world's ten… Read more »

Traveling Abroad With Pets

By Sue Lavene From time to time, our clients contact us wanting to bring along their dogs on their study abroad adventure. Looking at this request through the partial eyes of a lover of dogs, I am always stuck in a quandary as to how to advise them knowing full well that I'd probably at… Read more »

Reduce Jet Lag when Traveling Abroad

By Elizabeth Gregory Just about everyone who has flown across at least 3 time zones has experienced jet lag. Supposedly it takes one full day per time zone for your body to fully adjust. This means that if you're flying from New York to Paris, you will need about 6 days to be adjusted. Not… Read more »

Elections in Chile

By Beth Klemick My original blog entry today was to cover the structure of the European Union; instead I wanted to write about a more current event that occurred this past Sunday in Chile. Michelle Bachelet became the first elected female chief executive officer in Latin America. Her political rise and election as Chile's first… Read more »

AmeriSpan Blogger Discount

Write for the AmeriSpan Blog and Receive a Program Discount If you are studying for at least 4 weeks, write for the AmeriSpan blog while abroad and receive a 5% retroactive rebate on your program upon your return. Minimum 3 entries per week, 350 words per entry. Entries will be posted the same or the… Read more »

Cordoba Travel : Getting There

By Connie Marianacci There are various options for traveling to Cordoba, and they all range in price and length. By Plane You can take a plane to Santiago de Chile and then directly to Cordoba from the same international airport or take a plane to Buenos Aires and then directly to Cordoba. The difference between… Read more »

Travel Japan : Japanese Rail Travel

By Beth Klemick If you ever have the opportunity to travel in Japan travel by rail, it is an experience not to be missed. Since Japan operates the world's most efficient rail service, travel by rail will allow you enjoy, sightsee and experience a lot of the country even on a limited schedule. I recommend… Read more »

International Cell Phones

By Connie Marianacci It is very comfortable to take your cell phone everywhere you travel and for it to work. There are actually a few options available: 1) You may check with your local provider to make your roaming available at the country you are traveling to. 2) You may buy a local SIM card… Read more »

Travel Money

By Beth Klemick One of my least favorite things about preparing for an upcoming trip is figuring out how much money to bring along and in what forms (for example: cash, debit card, credit card, travelers checks). This isn't always an easy task, especially if you are very unfamiliar with the destination you will be… Read more »

Rail Travel Europe

By Elizabeth Gregory I have never rented a car in Europe. Train travel is the easiest way to get around in my opinion. I have traveled through multiple countries on a Eurail pass and have also bought in-country train passes for long distance travel within that country. This is what I did several years ago…. Read more »