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Bordeaux Facts

By Beth Klemick Did you know…that there are 10,000 chateaux in Bordeaux?! Bordeaux wine is named for the city and has been produced there since the 8th century. This city is known as the wine capital of the world. But did you also know that Bordeaux is one of Europe's military space and aeronautics research… Read more »

Machu Picchu

By Elizabeth Gregory The ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru has been on my "must see" list since I was little and first saw the pictures of it. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to finally see them. In all honesty, pictures do not do them justice. Going from Cusco, it is about… Read more »

Mediterranean Coasts

By Beth Klemick The Mediterranean Sea separates Europe from Africa and forms the boundary for more than a dozen nations (22 to be exact!), including Spain, France, Italy and Greece. The Mediterranean was the cradle of modern civilization, and much of that past is still preserved today. The mild climate makes for perfect beach weather,… Read more »

Flamenco Dance Show

By Elizabeth Gregory Speaking from my own personal experience, I can tell you that even though dinner shows can be touristy or cheesy, they can also be amazing. One particular dinner show that comes to mind is a Flamenco dinner show that my husband and I attended in Madrid. This was the first time he… Read more »

Airfare Deals

By Beth Klemick As a traveler, I have no patience for packing or spending hours trying to find the best airfare. For those of you who prefer to shop around, here are some general tips. To begin your research and get an idea of fares to your destination, hit all the big travel website: Expedia,… Read more »

Spring Break Travel

It's Spring Break time, and many students don't want the typical alcohol-soaked experience. So what can you do? If you didn't give yourself enough time to find a volunteer placement, why not immerse yourself in language and culture? AmeriSpan offers language immersion programs that can last from a week to much longer. If your friends… Read more »

Sightseeing In Montreal

By Elizabeth Gregory A few vacations ago, my husband and I decided to take a drive up to Montreal for a short getaway. I had heard good things about the city, and everyone that I talked to absolutely loved their time there. Although I had been to Canada (in the Rocky Mountains and at Niagara… Read more »

Winter Olympics

The 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy end on Sunday, February 26. Let's take a look at the medal counts as of today. Germany 9 gold, 10 silver, 5 bronze USA 8 gold, 9 silver, 6 bronze Russia 8 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze Austria 8 gold, 6 silver, 5 bronze Canada 6 gold, 8… Read more »

Flight Delays & Cancellations

Heavy snow fell from Maryland to New England over the weekend, making it difficult for many air travelers to get to where they needed to go. There really is no "best" time to fly because inclement weather occurs throughout the year. So what can you do to try to deal with flight delays and cancellations?… Read more »

Women Solo Travel

By Sue Lavene My first solo international travel experience was to Cancun in 1991. What allowed me to decide to make the trip alone rather than wait for a travel companion was: a. I had the extra money; b. I had the time off from work; c. No friends were available at the same time… Read more »