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Travel Luggage

By Connie Marianacci Packing is normally left for the last minute, usually the night before departure. You normally want to take everything possible and not even your current suitcase can hold all you want to take. Reality is, you never use all you have packed so what I do is first choose the luggage and… Read more »

Traveling Abroad : Airport Screening

By Beth Klemick On a recent trip abroad I had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany. As I deplaned completely jet-lagged and exhausted I headed straight to the café for coffee. I was a little discombobulated and noticed that it was soon time for my flight to depart to my final destination and I still had… Read more »

Travel Purchases

By Beth Klemick The other day I was taking inventory of the various knick-knacks and purchases around my apartment; I have accrued many items from my world travels that are proudly displayed and even worn to date. For the most part, all of my purchases have been ones I look back fondly and only a… Read more »

Travel Shopping

I just found a really cool website that sells travel necessities (and luxuries!): Flight 001 From luggage to things to keep you entertained while you travel, Flight 001 has something for every budget. According to the website, the company was conceived by two business travelers who thought travel shopping ought to be as easy as… Read more »

Travel Safety

By Beth Klemick Is Mexico safe? How safe is Egypt? Am I going to be safe in Paris? I have found the most common question about safety abroad is one of the most difficult to answer, even by the most experienced traveler. There is no tried and true answer to the age-old safety question; in… Read more »

Travel Portugal – Part 1

Whenever I search for cheap airfare or hotels on the internet, I'm always annoyed by how long the process takes. There are so many different websites dedicated to travel bargains that it's difficult for me to stop at just one because I always think a better deal can be found. Well, enter OneTime, literally a… Read more »

International Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts refer to anything made with one's own hands, a skill. It doesn't matter what the medium is that the crafter or artist chooses to use as each piece is made from the heart, involving a soulful expression of self. With each country's own culture, attitude and life experience, what becomes is a… Read more »

Travel Health – Part 2

Of course, there are many reasons why we travel. Some of us long for the excitement and "newness" of a country other than our own, some decide to leave behind their every day lives for a while, others want to learn a new language, take cooking or dance classes abroad, while others go in search… Read more »

International Travel Packing

How appropriate that I am writing about travel packing. At this very moment I am preparing for my highly anticipated and much needed trip to Portugal with my amazing boyfriend. This is our first time traveling across the big pond together (been together 8 glorious months!). Initially I sensed his worry as he looked and… Read more »

Travel Health – Part 1

More and more people are looking to travel internationally, wanting to experience other cultures on a more genuine level and going "off the beaten path" to do so. Unfortunately, with travel comes more health risks, ranging in severity from mildly annoying and inconvenient to life threatening. My colleague Beth Klemick gave some helpful tips in… Read more »