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Learn Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco – Video

Learning Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco is a fantastic option for the Arabic student seeking a comfortable or luxurious setting

Learning Arabic in Morocco: Some Tips

“If you want to live frugally, then utilize the bus system, split taxis with two other people (three people maximum in local cabs), and calculate exchange rates. However, in general, al-Maghreb’s cost of living is low.”

Rabat Arabic School: Excursion to The Sahara

“I believe this trip is a must-do if you are in Morocco, just make sure you always have water and are always well nourished nutritionally. The trip was educational, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable.”

First Days in Rabat

“Make sure you demonstrate to your host family that your are indeed grateful for them taking you in, despite the impersonal monetary exchange.”

Ramadan Mabrouk: Visiting Morocco During Ramadan

By Niki, AmeriSpan Study Abroad Consultant Ramadan, the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, is celebrated by roughly 98% of Moroccans.  Every Muslim is expected to fast, which means abstaining from food, drink and some other activities during the daylight hours. Ramadan dates change every year since the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar… Read more »